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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guitarings yet to come!

It's now the third and final day of our Guitarings shoot. Just so you guys know, we get the cameras out about every few months and shoot enough content over 3 days to last about 3 months. So next week will begin the rollout of all the new stuff we've shot over these past few days. We blasted out a couple great tutorials, but the stuff we're most excited about this time around are the interviews. Without giving it away, I can tell you that we got some really rad dudes on the couch this time around! Of course, everyone we've ever had on the couch has been rad! We've also been talking about some exciting stuff for the future of Guitarings. Bottom line, you guys have done a great job of showing us that you really like the show, and that inspires us to keep going! We have no doubt that our numbers will keep growing, and we'll keep trying our darndest to make better and better content for the site! Keep watching my friends! The best is yet to come! 



Glad to see some new episodes coming. I love the entertainment and education you provide, See you soon. Peace and Love...and good happiness stuff.
I much pfreer informative articles like this to that high brow literature.

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