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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Launch

We were so excited to see that our tutorial for The Metal got nearly 10,000 views in just a day or so! Sure, that's not a million or anything, but it's a good sign that we're giving you something that you want. And that, coincidentally, is exactly what we want. Please feel free to write us often, ask us questions, and join the conversations on Facebook and Twitter. We personally check on it, and want you to know that we're always listening to your comments and requests! 

So, here's what you can now expect from Guitarings! Each week we're going to unveil a new video so check in often! In the near future we'll be shooting even more content for you, including new tutorials, interviews, on-location stuff at rad guitar shops, and anything else we can think of that we consider to be pertinent Guit-information! 

Stay tuned! 



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