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Kyle Gass

The man needs no introduction or explanation. One half of the mighty Tenacious D, Kyle Gass has literally made history, co-invented a genre, and created a substantial body of work over the years. He's played 100's upon 100's of shows across the globe, and has often been imitated by countless weekend-warrior guitarists, tribute-band wannabes, and dorm-room drunks. As a guitarist KG has developed a style based around rock-solid rhythms, and the most musical acoustic leads, with an unmatched ear for tasty double stops, and an innate ability to throw out a face-melting flurry of acoustic shred at just the right moment… And be hilarious at the same time. 


Kyle began playing guitar in his youth, while at the same time was learning the flute and recorder. He attended college at UCLA and later joined The Actor's Gang, a theater group founded by Tim Robbins. It was there that Kyle would often play guitar in skits, and led him to form Tenacious D with Jack Black.


Kyle is incredibly passionate about the music he loves. He's obsessed with Ted Greene, a little known guitarist, but mad-scientist of chord construction, who released one album, but taught countless students through the years.


Kyle lives in Los Angeles, and is in the process of writing the new Tenacious D record with Jack, as well as developing his new side-project The Kyle Gass Band, and renovating his 1920's farm house!

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John Konesky

John Konesky has been playing guitar since he was able to pick one up. He was born with long hair and a mustache, and knew very early on that the guitar would be his life's pursuit. Throughout his teens, John spent most of his time practicing and taking lessons, which stunted his sociological development, but instilled a deep love for the instrument, much like a creepy uncle. He studied with two superb instructors early on that would sculpt entirely what he is today as a player. While he's known for playing leads with Tenacious D, Kones' true passion lies in chords and harmony. When he met KG for the first time, it was their mutual love of chord-melody guitar that solidified what would become a long-lasting friendship.


At 23 John relocated from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles to pursue music full-time. He started out by playing in KG's Trainwreck, and soon after landed the job with Tenacious D as their full-time "stunt-guitarist." He has also played on numerous sessions, and is always developing projects on his own.. Including Guitarings.. which was formed from KG and Kones' desire to spread their unique approach to the guitar to the wanting masses.


John currently still resides in L.A., and is working on the third Tenacious D record, as well as working with Kyle on the newly formed Kyle Gass Band, amongst a hundred other things!

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